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Live To Shine is a Female Owned Brand.

Live To Shine

Live To Shine is Owned and Run by sisters Lindsay Lewis and Janie Bartlett.

Following successful careers in Advertising and Marketing, they started the business in 2017 when they both decided the time had come to do something for themselves!

They both have a personal interest in health and wellness and were tired of gagging on a handful of pills and capsules every morning and decided there had to be a better way!

Made in the USA

Everyone wants to look good and feel healthy and happy, and a once a day Live to Shine Patches are an easy, no fuss way of achieving this.

All our products are over-the-counter and contain all-natural active components.

Our Manufacturing facility conforms to all specifications of good practice of manufacturing and quality control (GMP) of products and the facility is subject to Government inspections and approved in accordance with the FDA.

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