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Patches Versus Pills

When you swallow a nutritional supplement pill it goes into your stomach where it's instantly attacked by a potent mix of intestinal acids. Depending on how many other food items you’ve consumed, the tablets or capsules can sit in your stomach for as long as 4 hours for the typical digestive process to take place.

As the digestive process continues, the pills in the stomach are being degraded by strong and highly effective digestive stomach acids.

After around 4 hours, any remaining vitamin nutritional value begins its process into the small intestine where it will finally be absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed around your body.

Results of studies show that on the average, as little as 2% of the original vitamin dose taken survives this rigorous digestive process and is assimilated by the body. This significantly decreasing the original dose taken and as a result, its' effectiveness.

How Patches Work

Just Peel and Stick to feel the Benefits.

When a patch is applied to the skin, your body-heat activates the supplement formula along with the nutrients. Absorption happens via the skin to the small blood vessels, referred to as capillaries, which are beneath the skin. This direct delivery of nutrients to the bloodstream is known as Transdermal Delivery, since nutrients are absorbed through your pores inside the Derma (skin).

You apply a patch on the skin - the inner/out arm or upper forearm, shoulder and wrist are most typical areas to put on patches. The skin must be dry, hair-free and free from any body oil or moisturizer for the patch to effectively adhere to your skin.

The vitamin and nutritional products in Live To Shine Patches are delivered slowly over many hours, hence the term “time-release delivery” and formulated for each specific patch to ensure you achieve maximum health benefits through this clever absorbtion method.

Because the dose is going direct to your bloodsteam and bypassing your stomach, a far smaller dose can be even more effective than a large dose taken by tablet, capsule or liquid

Transdermal Patch Construction

Liner – Protects the patch during storage. The liner is removed prior to use.
Formula – Supplement or medication in direct contact with release liner
Adhesive – Serves to adhere the components of the patch together along with adhering the patch to the skin
Membrane – Controls the release of the medication or supplement from the reservoir and multi-layer patches
Backing – Protects the patch from the outer environment

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